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  • Do you offer RV repair services?
    Certainly! Custom Touch Auto Body specializes in fiberglass repairs for RVs, trailers, tractors, and heavy-haul trucks.
  • Do you provide rental vehicles?
    During your auto body repair journey, if you require a rental vehicle, our team is here to assist in arranging a car, truck, or SUV through our trusted partners!
  • Are my repairs warrantied?
    Absolutely! At Custom Touch Auto Body, we stand by our work with the following warranties: Lifetime Warranty: Covers all insurance-related repairs. 5-Year Warranty: Provides coverage for non-insurance repairs for five years, subject to our discretion. Parts and Materials: Defects are covered according to the manufacturer's terms. We're committed to ensuring your satisfaction, covering both materials and labor related to workmanship defects. However, please note that our warranty excludes incidental losses, towing, rental car costs, and other related claims. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!
  • What kind of paint do you use?
    We use the Axalta line called Spies Hecker for all our painting needs. Spies Hecker is known for its high-quality, durable finishes and superior color matching, ensuring your vehicle looks its best!
  • Do you work with insurance companies?
    We happily work with all insurance companies and are proud to be a trusted direct repair facility for many of them.
  • Can I get a quote to paint my vehicle?
    We’d love to help! To give you an accurate quote for painting your vehicle, we need to see it in person. Please bring your vehicle to our shop so we can assess its condition and provide you with the best estimate.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Leduc, Alberta!
  • What is body liner?
    Body-Liner is a fantastic advanced spray-on bedliner coating. It's incredibly versatile, offering finishes from Textured to Smooth & Ultra Smooth. You can achieve bed liner protection with a stunning mirrored gloss finish and a perfect custom color match for your vehicle. Body-Liner is designed to last, with the highest UV and Petro-Chemical resistance, so it won't fade like other liners. Plus, you can adjust the hardness from rubbery (to deflect rocks) to hard (for deck tops).


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