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Leduc’s Top 5 Most Common Autobody Repairs (and What They Cost)

Getting into a car accident is never fun, especially if it means getting your vehicle repaired. Whether dent removal, OEM or aftermarket parts replacement, paint touch-ups, or vehicle frame repair, the cost of quality auto body repairs can quickly add up.

With over 25 Years spent providing autobody services in-and-around Leduc, we’ve got an expert understanding of what to expect when it comes to getting your vehicle fixed.

If you’ve found yourself in need of repairs, or have ever wondered what the price of autobody repairs might be, here is a list of the Top 5 Most Common Autobody Repairs in Leduc and what they cost.

Article Sections

Front Bumper Repairs

Rear Bumper Repairs

Vehicle Paint Repair

Windshield Repair

Car Dent Repairs

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Front Bumper Repairs

Picture this: you’re backing your car out of a stall in the parking lot at the Leduc Recreation Center. There’s a light post visible in your rearview mirror, but it couldn’t be that close right?

Then you hear that crunch of metal on concrete, your vehicle shudders, and the damage is done: you’ve just dented your rear bumper.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Dented Bumper in Leduc?

The cost for repairing a dented bumper varies based on a number of factors, including the severity of the damage and the year/model of your car. These days, a lot of cars have sensors built into the bumpers, making simple repairs more complicated. Often, it is easier and more cost-effective to simply replace the bumper with an OEM or aftermarket part.

Our Advice? Expect around $300 - $500 for your average bumper replacement, but expect to pay in the range of $1,000+ if your vehicle is a luxury marque or has specialty sensors.

Looking for a collision estimate? Start one today.


Rear Bumper Repairs

You’re driving down Allard Drive in Leduc when a deer darts out in front of your vehicle. You tap the brakes and stop, only to be rear-ended by a tailgating motorist. While Bambi gets away intact, the same can’t be said for your vehicle’s rear-end.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Rear-End Collision Damage in Leduc?

What is the price of rear-end collision repair? It really depends on the severity of the damage - costs could be as low as $150 - $300 for a bumper repair, $500 for a bumper replacement, to over $10,000 if there has been damage to your vehicle’s frame. The only way to tell is to have an estimate performed by an autobody specialist.

Looking for an autobody estimate? Start one today.


Paint Scratch Removal

Let’s face it - few things are more annoying than getting scratches in your vehicle's paint (especially if you didn’t notice them or don’t know where they came from). Not only can scratches detract from your vehicle’s “look”, but it also presents an excellent starting point for rust, which is another thing altogether.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Scratches in Vehicle Paint in Leduc?

Like most repairs on this list, answering the question “How much does vehicle paint scratch removal cost?” can vary depending on the severity of the damage and what you’re willing to live with:

Are you looking to restore your vehicle’s paint to a showroom finish?

How deep are the scratches?

Our Advice? For things like spot paint touch-ups on your vehicle could run you less than $200.

However, if the damage to your paint is severe, prepare for a price tag starting at $1,000 and up.

Looking for an autobody paint estimate? Start one today.


Windshield Replacement

If you live in Alberta, getting your windshield replaced can be an annual event, especially if you do a lot of highway driving.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Windshield?

There are two types of windshield repairs:

1. Resin Patch: filling the cracked area with a resin to stop the damage from spreading (prices range from $75 - $150)


2. A full windshield replacement (prices range from $200 - $1,000)

Looking for a windshield estimate? Start one today.


Door Dent Repair

Whether it’s from another vehicle or a rogue shopping cart, dents in your car door are the most common form of minor auto body damage in Leduc.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Door Dent in Leduc?

Unless the damage is significant, we recommend budgeting around $75 - $200 for minor damages and as much as $1,000 for more serious dings & dents.

Looking for a dent removal estimate? Start one today.


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If you're looking for the most accurate quote for bodywork near you, the best choice is to get a free estimate from an autobody & collision repair specialist.

Speak with a Custom Touch rep today!

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